Boost Mailing Response Rates Using Eye-Catching Envelope Designs

multiple envelope designs and colors

Let’s face it, in marketing plain white envelopes don’t get much attention. You can avoid having your important correspondence and marketing materials go straight from the mailbox to the recycling bin by giving your envelopes some visual style. Whether it’s a greeting card, a fundraising letter or product information, if it’s worth mailing, it’s worth mailing it in an eye-catching envelope that will make it more likely your material will be read.

There are many different envelope sizes, paper stocks and more that can be utilized to give your envelopes brand identity. The following tips will help you boost mailing response rates using eye-catching envelope designs.

Pique Their Interest

The primary goal of your envelope design is to pique the recipient’s interest so they’ll open it up to see what’s inside. Grab their attention quickly by using colour, images and text.

Build Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is an important secondary goal. You can do this by making your envelopes fit with the rest of your brand identity. Keep the design of your cards, letterhead, envelopes and other marketing materials unified to present a professional image and create the strongest brand impact.

Colour Packs a Punch

With the right graphics, black and white can make a bold statement, but colour always packs a much bigger punch. If you have an attractive colour logo, place it in a prominent place on the front of the envelope. Backgrounds and/or images that mirror your company’s personality can also be used. Custom envelopes are printed flat then turned into envelopes, so a design can wrap around the envelope or have a contrasting image on the back or the flap.

Creative use of images can really help you stand out and sometimes all it takes is a hint of an image faded into the background to immediately state who you are and what you have to offer. If you’re having a mailing house handle your mailings, the top right-hand corner of the envelope should be kept a light colour for the postal imprint.

Text Adds a Sense of Urgency

Draw attention to your envelope using bursts of text such as “Special Discount”, “Time-Sensitive Materials” or “Limited Space – Act Now!” Don’t overdo it; the contents of the envelope should do the selling.

Paper Quality

Whether you choose smooth or textured paper, you’ll want a quality uncoated stock that you can run through your printer for addressing.

  • Smooth 70 lb. stock shows off colour designs best and is cost-effective
  • Textured 24 lb. writing stock such as linen, offers a tactile, high-end feel

Use a smooth stock if you want to match your letterhead and envelopes more closely to your business cards or brochures that are printed on glossy or matte coated stocks.

If you put some thought into designing your business envelopes, you’ll connect with customers much more effectively and get more out of your direct mail marketing efforts.

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