poster that promotes various types of education

Use Posters to Promote Sales, Events, Workplace Safety and More

A professionally printed poster can be used to promote sales, events, workplace safety and much more. It will help you to get your message across, whether you want to promote your political campaign, an upcoming show or a big sale.
Posters can be large format, mounted or made to endure the elements. Here’s a look at the different poster options available.

Large Marketing Brochure

How to Use Large Brochures for Your Marketing Needs

When printing brochures, marketing potential can be lost if you don’t have enough room to fit in everything you want to say. A well-designed 11 x 17-inch brochure will help to maximize the potential for increasing leads and sales. A large brochure will allow you to fit in all the copy and designs you need to get your message across and help them to stand out from all the rest.

multiple envelope designs and colors

Boost Mailing Response Rates Using Eye-Catching Envelope Designs

Let’s face it, in marketing plain white envelopes don’t get much attention. You can avoid having your important correspondence and marketing materials go straight from the mailbox to the recycling bin by giving your envelopes some visual style. Whether it’s a greeting card, a fundraising letter or product information, if it’s worth mailing, it’s worth mailing it in an eye-catching envelope that will make it more likely your material will be read.

Wheel with tabs with alternative colours you might use for marketing.

How Color Impacts Marketing

Understanding how colour influences people can help make your marketing materials more effective, because colour has a huge impact on how people will react to them. Studies have shown that reactions to different colours are a deeply personal thing, created by each person’s life experiences.

Wifi Printer

What Affects the Print Speed of Your Printer and Why

There are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to the print speed of your inkjet or laser printer. Inkjet printers are slower than laser printers and printing in a single colour is usually faster than printing in full colour. Obviously, the more pictures there are on the page, the longer it will take to print.

Send to the Printer

Getting Files Ready to Send to the Printer

When you send a digital file out for printing, there may be more that must go along with it than just the document. Sometimes you have to send fonts and graphics, as well. Knowing the basics of sending files to your printer will eliminate the most common problems that might prevent them from processing your job.