Create a Memorable Business Card Using Plastic

memorable business card shaped like a lego female

These days, business cards need a face lift in order to attract potential customers. Now you can create a memorable business card using plastic. To begin with, plastic business cards not only look great but last longer than their cardstock counterparts.

If you want an impressive business card, consider the advantages offered by plastic:


Because plastic is so durable, it’s perfect for industries that need a waterproof or heavy-duty business card and, if you operate in a high humidity region, a plastic business card offers a big advantage.

Other benefits include:

  • They’re memorable
  • Unlimited versatility
  • Impressive longevity
  • Conveys originality and quality


Plastic business cards can be customized in many different ways. Some options include:

  • Translucent plastic – Clear cards that combine solid colour splashes are dynamic and grab attention
  • Identifier codes – Printing business cards with coupon codes that double as identifiers allow you to track results. Barcoding is also available
  • Variable data – Print varying information on your plastic business cards, including sequential numbering
  • Custom shapes – An unusual shape can increase the effectiveness of your business card
  • Tipped Printing – If you have your cards embossed with raised numbers or letters such as seen on credit cards, you can have them “tipped” (coloured) in gold, silver or black
  • Scratch off – Incorporate a call to action on your business card by including a link or code for a discount. It’s a great way to engage a customer
  • Unique finishes – Your card can be finished with foil stamping or a matt finish
  • Writeable – If you want to put a signature block on your business card or be able to write on any part of the card, order a matt finish
  • Magnetic strips – A magnetic strip can provide gift card or other load options

Designing and Using Plastic Business Cards

Design your business cards so they’re uncluttered and so that the most important information can be seen at a glance. A minimum of 8pt type is recommended.
Plastic business cards have many uses beyond the usual meet and greet events. They can be used for businesses that people might need to call when they have a problem, like mechanics and insurance agents. Their durability makes them perfect for keeping on hand in a wallet.

Plastic is also a great choice for take-along reward cards and membership cards when a barcode or magnetic strip is added. Because they’re waterproof, they’re perfect for beach businesses such as boating and skiing and other people who work outdoors.

Clear plastic cards make an eye-catching statement. Your design is printed as usual, but the “white space” remains clear or frosted for a see-through effect. Clear cards make a design statement to suggest something about your product, such as for a window cleaning service.

Plastic business cards are a distinctive and durable way to keep your business on people’s minds and in their wallets. Combined with special effects, they become truly outstanding.

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