How to Use Large Brochures for Your Marketing Needs

Large Marketing Brochure

When printing brochures, marketing potential can be lost if you don’t have enough room to fit in everything you want to say. A well-designed 11 x 17-inch brochure will help to maximize the potential for increasing leads and sales. A large brochure will allow you to fit in all the copy and designs you need to get your message across and help them to stand out from all the rest.

Here’s how to use large brochures for your marketing needs.

Getting the Attention of New Customers

Getting the attention of new customers can be difficult. However, if you repeatedly show them how you can meet their needs and why you’re the best choice, they’ll be more inclined to act.

Talking with a potential customer is one of the best times to hand out a brochure. It should be loaded with information they’ll want to keep as a reference about what you’ve just told them.

A large format brochure will encourage your readers to pick them up again and again to refer to them and perhaps pass them on to others who are interested in your products and services.

Design Tips for Large Brochures

When you use a large-size 11 x 17-inch brochure, it will stand out from other brochures by using large images, large fonts and, perhaps, a unique fold. However, with more space to design, there are more things to keep in mind. With planning and organization, you can put the added space into the best use.

The following are design tips for large brochures:

  • Keep your customer, client or vendor in mind by trying to understand what they really care about seeing from you
  • Include all the important descriptions, contact information and any promotions.
  • Avoid overused, irrelevant or “filler” content. Your readers want information that solves their problems and answers common questions about your business
  • Use benefit-focused headlines that capture and hold the attention of your audience. The copy below a headline should be in bullet points that focus on the key features of your products or service. This allows you to control what someone sees if they only have a minute to scan the brochure
  • Choose relevant graphics to match your copy. High quality pictures that emphasize what your business is about will leave a memorable impression and result in a greater possibility for instant recognition and sales
  • Avoid using stock photos. People want to see real people and action from behind company doors. Let your customers know what happens day to day in your business and that transparency will increase their trust in your company

Include a Call to Action

A strong call to action is very important. It should be clear to readers what they should do after reading your brochure. Maybe you want them to call your customer service department for an estimate. Maybe you want them to visit your website, or maybe you want them to use a discount code before it expires.

If you don’t tell them what they should do next, they may find another company that will. Give potential customers all the necessary contact information and exact instructions to get them closer to deciding to purchase from you.

Make Your Brochures More Interesting

Here are some tips for getting people to turn the page and keep reading:

  • Use an unusual fold – As most brochures use a traditional tri-fold, using a different fold for yours can make a difference. A gate fold or a half fold both open so that the reader can see the whole paper at once and that allows you to include much larger images for a bigger impact than several small images would have
  • Enhance your images – Pictures communicate even more than the printed word. You can do something as simple as adjusting the contrast or colour saturation, but always make sure the pictures fit your business
  • Choose the right font – Use a font that’s easy to read and will be noticed. An example would be using a font that looks like handwriting for a children’s clothing store
  • Ask a question – On the front of the brochure, ask a question that requires the reader to open it to find out the answer. The question must be about something that benefits your audience
  • Use great graphics – Make your graphics jump off the page and grab readers’ attention with 3D images, but don’t use more than one or two per brochure or it will seem too busy
  • Choose an exciting background colour – Your brochure will stand out if you use a bright colour for your brochure’s background. Lime green or tangerine will make your brochure stand out from others of their kind, or spend a little extra and go with a metallic background

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