Use Posters to Promote Sales, Events, Workplace Safety and More

poster that promotes various types of education

A professionally printed poster can be used to promote sales, events, workplace safety and much more. It will help you to get your message across, whether you want to promote your political campaign, an upcoming show or a big sale.

Posters can be large format, mounted or made to endure the elements. Here’s a look at the different poster options available.

Foldable Posters

Use our standard options to design and print a poster or create something completely custom.  This type of poster can be folded to create a distinctive brochure to mail to voters, fans or customers. Here are a few more ideas for advertising with posters:

  • Trade show posters will allow your advertising to be seen both before and during the event
  • Band and show posters let the public know about an upcoming gig or performance
  • Political campaign posters make a big impression plastered to walls and also make great takeaways for attendees
  • Holiday posters let you show your holiday spirit by advertising a special sale

The following poster printing options let you customize a poster with your unique message:

  • 5 different paper options
  • 9 different poster sizes
  • Custom trim available
  • 11 folding options for applicable sizes and papers, including map folds
  • One or two-sided full-colour printing

Large Format Posters

Large format posters are printed on photo paper with a semi-gloss finish to make your brand or artwork stand out. They’re available in seven sizes ranging from 11” by 17” to 27” by 40”. You get full-colour, vivid printing and photo-quality print resolution.

Use a large format poster to showcase an art reproduction, a photo enlargement, workplace information sheets around your building at work or for brand and event promotions. You can also use them as giveaways to customers who love your brand or as an incentive for repeat customers.

Mounted Posters

Mounted posters are a simple, sturdy way to decorate a home or office or promote ideas and they offer many possibilities for small businesses. They’re a great option when you need something more durable than a standard poster for long-term promotions and they can be easily attached to many common wall surfaces.

Unlike cardstock or paper posters, mounted posters don’t need to be framed or protected in any additional way.

Mounted posters offer the following features:

  • They come in a variety of sizes
  • They’re mounted on white PVC board
  • You can have them printed on one or both sides

Mounted posters can be used as a minimalist frame-free alternative to traditional posters. Use mounted posters anywhere you would use regular card or paper stock posters. The difference is, you don’t have to worry about protecting or framing them. They’re a good choice for art reproductions for spaces such as cafes, restaurants and even art galleries.

Personalized mounted posters are also a good choice for home and office décor because they create none of the hassles of traditional framing, while offering a clean, modern look. Marketers using mounted posters for advertising and other promotions, will find that the ability to print on two sides makes them a more versatile option compared to other mediums.

Poster Signs

Poster signs are an excellent solution for small businesses as outdoor advertising signs. They’re weather-resistant and not only last longer than traditional cardstock or paper posters, they don’t need any additional framing and are ready to use as soon as you get them.

You can choose between thick, durable white PVC board or lightweight 20 mil. styrene, which is a smooth plastic material with excellent rigidity. It’s thinner and lighter and is a good option for indoor promotional materials and décor. PVC board is tough and well-suited for a lot of handling and extended use.

Poster signs in both options are available in a range of sizes and able to handle moderately rough handling without being damaged. They can also be printed on both sides, making them useful for mounting on store windows so customers on either side can see your message or you can create a custom “closed” and “open” sign for your storefront.

Poster signs are a simple, but durable option that can be used both indoors and out. They come in 5 standard sizes that can be printed on one or both sides and they’re water-resistant.

Poster signs are popular with small businesses, not just for signs, but for advertising and décor, as well. They can be used in a variety of situations where you might not be able to use traditional paper or cardstock posters.

Because they are resistant to a lot of handling, poster signs are good choices for educational tools. They are used by a wide variety of industries, small businesses, schools, training centers, art studios and entrepreneurs. Each one has found a place for custom, printed signs, either for promotions or for presentations.

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