The Key to Making a Good Sales Sheet

Person creating a good sales sheet

A sales sheet is also known as a product datasheet, sales slick or sell sheet. It’s a tool that communicates product or service details like features, benefits and pricing in a one-sheet format. Sales sheets help customers to make buying decisions and helps to influence their decisions.

The key to making a good sales sheet is to use brief bites of pertinent details and display those details in an unforgettable way that potential customers can easily review.

Classic Marketing Tool

Sales sheets are a business staple and a classic marketing tool allowing companies, organizations, individuals and nonprofit groups to tell their story in a one-page document. Because they’re able to deliver a powerful message quickly and draw the eye of its intended audience with impactful design, they’re a great way to promote your business.

Customize to Fit Your Business

With a number of product options available, you’ll be able to design a high-quality sales sheet that’s customized to fit your business.  Sales sheets can be used in the following ways:

  • To present your business in a professional manner
  • As another tool for marketing
  • To educate customers and prospects
  • To promote retail stores, boutiques and restaurants
  • As handouts after a presentation

Printing sales sheets is an affordable way to provide information about your product or service in a simple handout. If you add hole drilling, your sales sheets can be organized in a binder for easy reference.

Utilizing professional quality full-color sales sheets for a presentation or at a meeting will help to solidify the value of your idea.

Marketing and Design Ideas

The primary purpose of your sales sheet is to sell your product or service, so making sure your information is easy to read is of first importance.  You will need a dynamic headline with will draw attention. Then use short paragraphs or bullet points and subheadings for easier reading. For an appealing, clutter-free design, leave white space between text areas. Graphics and images also break up blocks of text visually.

To maximize the advantages of full colour printing, use high resolution photographs and design elements. You can also “bleed” your design elements and photos off the edge of the page. Use exciting visuals to brand your sales sheet and give it personality. Consider adding a high gloss UV coating to really make your images pop off the page.

Most importantly, don’t forget to include your contact information so potential clients can get in touch with you at a later time.

More on Preparing a Sales Sheet

To get a good idea of the type of information, images and sheet layout used most often, look at the sales sheets produced by other companies, including manufactures and competitors.

Use product data and related images for your sales sheet from your company website, manufacturer sites, brochures and flyers. Include a copy of your logo and contact information. Employ design to demonstrate why your product’s differences make it better than the competition’s.

Write a two or three-sentence pitch introducing the single product or service, or line of products or services that you want on the sales sheet. Create bullet lists or tables outlining product or service features. Keep charts and graphs simple. Don’t chart 12 data points when three will get the point across.

Write a brief call-to-action statement urging customers to buy or seek out additional information from you. For instance, “We at, (company name), welcome the opportunity to serve you. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a product demonstration.”

Print A Better Sales Sheet

To print a better sales sheet, don’t get too hung up on data. Remember that “sales” is the operative word, so use information to bolster your marketing and land more sales. While data is crucial to a great sales sheet, you don’t have to include every single piece of information you can think of. Only include information that furthers your goal of making a sale.

For instance, you don’t have to include every possible pricing tier. Add only your most popular price points and let customers know that others are available.

Tell your story

Business owners don’t buy on data alone. They’re human just like the rest of us and will buy on emotion. They also tend to value authenticity more than price and want to work with others they like and appreciate and who back their products. Price can definitely be important but use some of the space on your sales sheet to tell your company’s story, your customers’ stories or both. This will lend an air of authenticity other business owners can relate to.

Great first impressions are invaluable. One of the best ways to achieve it with your sales sheet is with quality printing. Have your sales sheet printed with crisp colours and thick, smooth paper to give it a professional appearance.

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